As much as people love the holidays, they don’t always love getting together
with their extended family. There’s something about the holidays that brings
families together whether or not it’s a good idea. Sadly, some people cause
drama that can disrupt the holiday spirit. Strong personalities, addictions, and
other issues can affect the harmony of a gathering and make it harder than it
should be to have a good time.

Creating a drama-free holiday is important for the people who truly want to be
together and enjoy quality family time. It might feel tough to confront difficult
issues, but it can make a big difference in the quality of your holiday time.
Consider these tips for creating drama-free holidays everyone can enjoy.

Tip– Create a drama-free experience- If addiction issues have the potential for
ruin your holiday gathering, simply create a drug and alcohol-free event.
Removing the temptations and making modifications to your gathering that
support sobriety helps everyone. If someone you love struggles with making
good choices, help make the choice easier by hosting a clean and sober event.

Tip– Consider your guests- Trying to fit square pegs into round holes never
works. Sometimes you’ve got to be honest about the family members and
friends in your life. Some simply can’t play well with others. It may be in
everyone’s best interest to keep certain people away from each other. It may
also be important to consider what sort of function you’re having and whether
or not it’s the best for your guest list. Depending on who is coming to your
holiday gathering you may want to consider what activities you have, when
you have it, and who is invited.

Tip– Be willing to be honest- One of the biggest reasons families experience
drama is the unwillingness to address the situation. People want to avoid
conflict or hope people figure out the impact they make on other people. This
generally doesn’t work. Being up front and being honest with people about
how their behavior affects others can help them modify it or excuse
themselves from the situation if they must. It can be really hard to confront
negative behavior, but it can make the holiday better for the majority of the

Everyone wants a happy holiday season filled with friends and family but
sometimes people make it difficult. Instead of ignoring their behavior, try one
of these tips to create a drama free holiday that benefits everyone…even the
ones with the problems.