What’s your idea of a perfect Christmastime? Does it include a well-lit tree, friends and
family gathered around the table for a meal? Or, does it look more like being in an
oceanside condo ready to hit the beach? For some, vacations are an excellent way to
celebrate Christmastime.

Most people feel pulled to their homes during the holidays. The traditions of setting up a
tree, baking, and other family fun brings back comfort and joy each season. There’s no
place they would rather be than home and they want their children to build lasting
memories about their holiday time at home too. The thing is, if you ask adults about
their favorite holiday memories, they oftentimes speak about the rare time they traveled
during the holiday.

Taking a vacation during Christmas can be fun! Getting out of tradition and doing
something extraordinary can create a new spark during the holiday. There’s something
new and exciting about spending an old holiday in a new way. There are lots of ways to
use travel as an alternative to a stay-at-home Christmas.

VRBO– Vacation Rentals by Owner are affordable, fully contained homes that offer the
benefits of home in a fun location. Consider transferring your holiday magic to a VRBO.
You can still have a tree and cook your traditional meal all the while experiencing a new
and exciting location.

The Happiest Place on Earth– Did you know that Disney theme parks are open 365 days
per year? That means you can celebrate Christmas at a Disney theme park rather than
your living room. Instead of investing in the trappings of Christmas, divert your funds to a
family vacation and spend your special day with Mickey and friends.

Foreign Exchange– Why not experience the holiday through another culture’s eyes.
Many cultures celebrate Christmas and it can be an eye opening and cultural
experience to celebrate somewhere new. Take a deep dive into another culture and
experience Christmas in ways you may have never dreamed of. The experience will
certainly last a lifetime.

There’s no requirement that you stay home for Christmas. Whether you have an entire
family living under your roof, or it’s your first year as an empty nester, there are plenty of
opportunities to travel and experience Christmas on vacation. Try something fun and
new and see how much your family enjoys their alternative celebration