There can be a lot of pressure during the holidays to be, do, and have things
that may or may not fit into your vision. The thing is, everyone has a unique idea of
what merriment looks like and the best way to spend the holiday season.
That’s great if it gels with your ideas, but it can feel like a burden if it doesn’t.

Ultimately, it’s important to choose what’s best for your family during the
holidays and let go of any guilt along the way. It might feel uncomfortable but if you keep
your focus positive, you can assert yourself without too much fall out. Here’s
Get confident on what’s best for your family- One of the keys to choosing
what’s best for your family without feeling guilty is knowing for certain what’s
best. When you are clear on what you want and need, it’s easier to be
confident about it. An example could be declining to travel for the holidays if
you have a new baby, puppy, just moved, an illness or injury, or any situation
that feels too overwhelming for travel. Knowing that it’s best for your family to
stay put can help you make a clear decision, stick to it, and
not feel guilty about it.

Communicate clearly and early- Once you’ve decided what’s best for you this
season, make sure key people know as early as possible. Waiting until the last
minute can cause hard feelings and leave other people in the lurch. Letting people know
what your plans are in a clear and concise way will help them adapt and make
their own plans too.

Offer an explanation and let it go– Communication is key. It might be
important for you to clarify why you are choosing whatever it is for your
family’s holiday. Make sure to explain with confidence and then let it go. Not
everyone will understand your plan or endorse it, but they will respect it if you
set healthy limits and refuse to negotiate.

Refuse to feel badly about what’s best for your family- You can’t please all the
people all the time. Some people are unable or unwilling to give others the
grace and freedom to do what’s best for them. It’s ok if someone is upset with
your decision as long as you have made things clear, concise, and are being mature with your
communication. Ultimately, you can’t control other people’s reactions, you can
only control your own.

If you need to reduce your stress this season by creating a holiday plan that’s
perfect for your family but might ruffle some feathers, it’s important to put
your family first and refuse to feel guilty. Healthy people will understand, and
unhealthy people won’t. That’s ok. Doing what’s best for your family is nothing
to be afraid of.