There are so many ways to have fun during the holidays. From hayrides in fall to
watching the Nutcracker ballet in winter, there are plenty of opportunities to make the
season fun. One fun option is choosing a theme and building the entire holiday around

Choosing a theme is fun because it creates a focal point for all the activities and
experiences for the season. It can be a great way to plan the décor, events, and other
elements of your holidays. Here are some fun ways to use themes during the holidays

Happy Holidays in the forest theme– Choose a forest theme for a fun-filled holiday
season. Start off with woodland décor for fall and winter. Have fun with your family
taking a trip to the woods for collecting pinecones in the fall and going snow shoeing in
the winter. Choose a fun animal like a bear as the mascot for the season and build
décor or other design elements around the theme. Host a festive feast fit for the forest
for your holiday meals and enjoy the great outdoors…inside or out.

‘Tis the season for giving theme– Create a holiday season focused on giving back
and caring for others. Have your family choose a charity to focus on for the season.
Save change to offer when you see a bell ringer and red bucket. Find opportunities to
serve or volunteer. Choose people to support from the Angel Tree Network. Host friends
who don’t have close family for a meal and use the holiday time to reach out to people
who may not have connections with family.

Baby it’s cold outside theme– Have fun with a winter-wonderland theme. Host a hot
chocolate get together with a variety of warm beverages and toppings. Choose outdoor
activities like ice skating, sledding, skiing or snow mobiles that all share one thing in
common- they are cold!

Get the family involved with holiday decorating that is white, silver, blue, or other icyinspired colors.
Having a theme can help give the holidays a fun focus and make the season about one
thing in particular. This can help reduce being pulled in too many directions because
your attention is on the activities associated with your theme. What’s more, having a
theme can actually make the holidays more memorable. Your family is sure to
remember the year you had a specific theme for your entire holiday season and the
memories will last for years to come.