Does your home reflect your style? Do your furnishings and decor seem dated or are you on-trend with the latest bells and whistles? If someone were to describe your style, would it be Shabby Chic, Country French, Modern, or cobbled together from yard sales and Ikea?

When we are young and starting out, we may not have the ability to decorate the way we would like. As we move into parenthood, creating a personalized space may take a back seat to sticky fingers, untrained pets, and finances used in other ways. If decorating isn’t your passion, then it may not be a priority – though it would be nice to have a home that reflects your taste, personality, and makes you feel at home.

Changing up your home decor can give you a fresh start. Loving the space, you’re in not only pleases the eye, but it is also restorative for the mind, body, and soul. Creating dynamic spaces that reflect who you are and what you love are an outward expression of your inward thoughts and personality.

Here are some less-than-obvious ways that changing up your decor can refresh and restart your enthusiasm.
Color- Painting your home in colors that bring you joy can alter your mental health for the better. Are you a warm or cool tone person? Painting your walls in either tone can greatly improve your happiness. If you love warm tones and live in a home of cool tones, you may experience depression due to the affect the color has on you. Warm up your home with rich tones, and your mood will improve.

Textures and fabrics– Fabrics that are soft, and cozy can restore your health and your sense of security. Create a master bedroom complete with luxurious sheets, down comforters, plush pillows, and fluffy rugs. The delight to your senses of touch will restore you every time you are unplugged and regenerating for the next day.

Lighting- Lighting affects mood. Having adequate lighting that is soft and pleasant is an important way to refresh yourself. Finding bulbs that cast a soft glow and create a happy mood will help you feel good every time you are home.

Art and furnishings– Your art should reflect who you are. There is a saying that no one should buy art or fragrance for someone else. These are intimate decisions that only the owner can truly choose. From the furniture you sit on to the decorations that adorn your walls and shelves, having pieces that are functional, comfortable, and delight your eye are vital.

Changing up your home decor to best reflect your personality and taste is an excellent way to refresh and recharge. Being comfortable in your home is the best way to energize yourself to be and do all that is expected of you outside of those walls.