Doing mindfulness pauses is a great way to get started, but you’re going to want to move into mindfulness activities at some point. This simply means that you learn to do something while being mindful. It’s harder for most people to get the hang of than mindful meditation is, but the benefits are greater as well.

Mindfulness activities are a great way to practice being mindful while you do something you like at the same time. Here are five you can try, but there are an infinite number for you to choose from.

1.) Mindful Listening

Mindful listening involves listening to ambient or manufactured sounds intently, focusing on them instead of letting them fade into the background. You can listen to the birdsong outside your window or an album from your favorite band; it’s up to you.

2.) Mindful Gardening

Do you enjoy gardening? Try doing so mindfully. Feel the dirt as it gets under your fingernails, smell the flowers, and notice how the plants feel as you water, weed, and mulch. Pay attention to your garden, everything in it, and how it makes you feel. Back when I lived in Minnesota I used to do this all the time. Since moving to Florida I never seem to do this activity. I want to get back to it so I am begging for a compostable raised garden for my birthday!

3.) Mindful Driving

You should always be paying attention while you drive, of course, but mindful driving is another level altogether. Be mindful of everything that’s happening in your car and around you as you drive, from the feel of the road to the colors of the houses you pass. Notice all the sights and sounds of the road. Bonus: this will make you a much safer driver, too.

4.) Mindful Puzzling

Do you like puzzles? Mindful puzzling is an activity you can do to have fun with your hobby and deepen your mindfulness practice. You can use any kind of puzzle for this activity. Jigsaw puzzles, word finds, math games, Sudoku, riddles, crossroad puzzles, and more are all good options for mindful puzzling. I have to say puzzles or crossword puzzles are the best for mindfulness and relaxing.

5.) Mindful Single-Tasking

Admit it. You probably do a lot of multi-tasking. Most people do these days. Instead of spreading yourself thin and trying to do too many things at once, do a single task at a time, and do it mindfully. Shut down everything else on your to-do list and focus only on one task, whether it’s preparing dinner or sending an email. Use your deep breathing to help you stay focused.

Again, these are just 5 of the infinite number of activities you can try. Try one or all of them and find out what works for you!