There you are minding your business and doing important work when all of a sudden,
crisis hits. The shock and disbelief can make your head spin and the panic has the
potential to make you react too quickly in the wrong ways. Before you have a knee-jerk
reaction to a crisis be sure to follow some top tips.
Top Tip: Don’t panic
Top Tip: Get wise counsel
Top Tip: Take the right action
Top-Tip: Resist the urge to panic and react- Facing a crisis can cause all sorts of
panic. This can trigger reactions that might not be in the best interest at the time. Don’t
panic when crisis hits. Take a deep breath and keep calm. Assess the severity of what’s
happening and only take immediate action if the crisis warrants it. Staying calm and
giving things a moment can help identify the best course of action for the situation.
Top-Tip: Get the right counsel for the situation- Two heads are always better than
one. Especially when one of the heads specializes in whatever crisis you are facing.
When crisis hits find the right person to help you assess the situation and make the best
choices available. When something bad is happening, it helps to have a neutral third
party to offer advice and direction. You can plug into the right person for the
circumstance and rest easier knowing they know what to do for your specific situation.
Top-Tip: Take action when the time is right- Crisis triggers the fight or flight reaction.
This means one person might overreact immediately to a crisis and go into action while
another might under react and put their head in the sand. It’s important to take
action…when the time is right. Failing to take action can cause legal or financial issues
that could be too big to recover from. Taking too much action too soon could be
damaging in other ways. Be strategic and make sure you take the right action at the
right time.
You may see a crisis brewing on the horizon or it may come up out of the blue. Either
way, it’s important to manage crisis well. Don’t panic and do something you’ll regret. Be
sure to find the right people to help you manage your crisis and take the right action at
the right time. How you react to crisis can help determine how long it lasts and how
great the impact is overall. Be smart and strategic and you’ll come through the crisis
before you know it.