Depending on where you live, there are typical ways to celebrate the holidays. Friends,
family, and culture all influence how special days unfold and what foods and activities
usually accompany them. Getting into the habit of celebrating the holidays a specific
way can make it hard to break from tradition- though breaking free can actually be a
valuable change.

You may be used to celebrating the holidays a very specific way and have never given
any thought to trying something new. There are unlimited ways to experience the
holidays that don’t include turkey dinners, presents under a tree, or winter wonderlands.
As a matter of fact, it can be a ton of fun to try something entirely different for your
holiday season. Here are three alternatives to traditional holiday celebrations that might
be of interest to you and your family.

Alternative #1. Travel- Most people stay close to home during the holidays. They love
the traditions of decorating, enjoying specific foods, and spending quality time with
family. Though these are fun traditions, travel can be an amazing alternative.
Try traveling to a location that experiences the holidays in magical ways you can’t get
where you live. If you live in a warm climate, head to the snow. If you live in the snow,
head for the beach. If you live in America, try a European holiday.

Alternative #2. Friends over family- Some people spend their holidays with family and
limit their activities with friends. Family is great, but there’s something wonderful about
friendships. That’s why Friendsgiving has become so popular. Try spending a holiday
with your friends doing a fun activity that you wouldn’t normally experience on a holiday.
Consider going skiing on Christmas and forgo presents for a VRBO and a lift ticket.
Make memories with friends by having a potluck and heading to the movies for a
blockbuster instead of cooking a traditional meal.

Alternative #3. Giving back to your community- There are plenty of people
experiencing the holidays in hospitals, shelters, and other unexpected places. Consider
spending the day in your community serving others who rarely get noticed.
Try volunteering at an animal shelter to walk animals or clean. Serve at a homeless
shelter and support your community by donating your time and energy to help those
less fortunate. You can get your whole family involved and make an impact on those
you’re serving and yourselves.

If you’re looking to shake things up, why not try an alternative holiday celebration this
year? Breaking away from the norm helps create memories and can leave a lasting
impression for you and your whole family.